Cody Rogers is a talented actor and director based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Cody began his career behind the microphone as a Drive-home DJ in his hometown of Madisonville, Kentucky. His charisma and charm garnered him a popular following before he leapt at the chance to move to Nashville and pursue his dream of acting.

Since 2012 Cody has earned lead or principal roles in over thirteen films, including ‘Paperclip Trade’, ‘False Perceptions’, and ‘Bleed’ all of which were produced by the Nashville Film Institute. Cody has also had roles on television, on the Discovery ID network’s ‘Fatal Encounters’.

His improvisational skills are quick-witted and sharp and he has utilized them numerous times as the host of numerous infomercials, trivia games shows, and as a stand-up comedian.

Cody has recently started working behind the camera and his directorial debut, took home over 23 awards at the 2015 54 Hour Film Festival, including the prestigious title of “Best Directing”. Cody is currently studying Advanced Scene Study under Caroline Locorriere at the Nashville Acting Studio.



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Special Skills

[a13_progress_bar values=”80|Ballroom Dance,80|Bartending,90|Improvisation,90|Stand-up Comedy,90|Host”]


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